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About Us

Accepting Challenges.

Financial markets evolve.  Economic good times cycle into more challenging environments.  Interest rates rise and then fall. Inflation, deflation, recession or boom.  Those who integrate and adapt to change retain competitive advantages throughout financial evolution.

Main Street Group accepts the challenge of developing solutions in an ever changing marketplace.  

Our entrepreneurial approach to finding business solutions is based on a solid foundation of financial knowledge and information.  

Our outstanding associates understand the intricacies of evaluating assets, market conditions and financial operations required to structure solutions to complex asset problems.  We develop entrepreneurial solutions which are delivered with a sense of urgency, confidentiality and supported with team work.

We seek these challenges because our people are innovative, producing opportunities and delivering results for our clients and for the Main Street Group.

Professional, dedicated, and reliable.  

Main Street Group employees understand the importance of maintaining the highest degree of integrity and performance.

Our pride in the caliber of services we provide to each client is complimented by our firm's pride in its professional resources. We understand that the experience, expertise, and dedication of our managers and professional staff must be maintained at the highest possible level to provide each client with reliable service, value, and superior performance. The Main Street Group employs individuals with backgrounds in all areas of commercial real estate finance, investment analysis, servicing, asset management, distressed asset workouts, asset portfolio liquidation, brokerage, accounting, and law. Employees are encouraged to continually expand industry relationships through participation in local and national trade organizations.

          American Bar Association 
          American Institute of CPA's
          American Bankers Association
          Florida Institute of CPAs
         Commercial Real Estate Secondary Market and Securitization Association

Additionally, Main Street's professional staff maintains active memberships in state and local chapters of the Bar Association, Mortgage Bankers, Institute of CPA's, and licenses within the real estate brokerage community.