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Through our hands on experience in acquiring and managing large portfolios of assets, the Main Street Group can offer the highest level of analytic evaluations of assets, whether being placed on the market for sale or being considered for purchase as investment. Accurate and timely research and investigation are necessary to ensure that critical information is known and disclosed when selling or buying assets.

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lients utilize Main Street's combined experience and knowledge to make informed decisions as they move to acquire or dispose of assets. This upfront process is absolutely essential to ensure assets are properly sold and bought at optimal prices for both buyers and sellers. We assist and advise financial institutions, government agencies, and individuals when they are faced with making critical selling or purchasing decisions. Our professionals have reviewed and been involved in the analysis and recommendations regarding substantial assets and portfolios. Our professional staff is readily available to provide immediate due diligence and asset analysis whenever it
 is needed.
Main Street assists clients in making all types of key decisions, whether selling, buying, managing, or investing in real estate, loan, or financial institution assets. At times, clients need additional manpower to complete major assignments and make informed decisions. Our professionals will act in an advisory role for clients when second opinions and creative solutions are needed. We can advise on a single property transaction or an entire portfolio.
When a fresh and new outlook is needed, clients turn to the Main Street professionals for assistance. The Main Street Group provides creative solutions to complex asset management and disposition situations. We act as advisors and consultants to assist our clients reach their investment objectives. Our professional staff evaluates needs, creates strategies, and accomplishes critical goals.