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Main Street Group appreciates the multi-tiered needs of our clients in all areas of real estate investment, property management, leasing and real estate brokerage. In selected market areas, our professional team provides the vehicle to identify, manage, and bring rewarding returns to each investment decision.Accepting the challenge to achieve high returns over long periods of time, Main Street is constantly searching for the paradigm in real estate investments. Extensive industry networks enable us to satisfy the needs of large and modest investors alike. In-depth due diligence analysis, performed prior to purchase, offers the potential for substantial returns in the real estate field, whether the assets are under-performing, distressed properties, or Class A performing properties.  

The Main Street Group has successfully identified numerous, large, single-asset transactions, and portfolios for acquisition by our clients, investors and funds. Our acquisition team aggressively seeks out opportunities which, when combined with our asset management expertise, provide generous returns for our capital partners and investors. Often, we seek out acquisition and origination opportunities which may not be well-suited to conventional financing. Consequently, returns for our clients are closer to mezzanine yields than to conduit yields as a result of our efforts.

One of the most challenging aspects of investing is to achieve high returns on investments over long periods of time.  The Main Street Group is constantly searching for that "ultimate" purchase while keeping our investors' criteria in the forefront. These economically challenged opportunities are frequently "diamonds in the rough". Through our extensive industry networks and contacts, we are able to satisfy the needs of all types of investors, both large and small. Our ability to search, analyze, and purchase real estate and loan assets on behalf of our investors gives them the ability to achieve maximum returns.