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Asset Management.     Main Street Group is an industry leader in providing asset management services for investment banks, national mortgage servicing companies, government agencies, major insurance companies, private equity investment funds and local financial institutions. The Main Street Group and its predecessor companies have been active in asset turnarounds and business restructuring for over 20 years. Our experience includes operating major asset management contracts for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). 

Our staff is well versed in all aspects of asset management and disposition. We custom tailor our procedures and processes to accommodate our clients and ensure compliance with regulations, policies, and protocol.  Main Street oversees large portfolios while managing and disposing of individual assets through highly developed internal controls, automated tracking systems and effective management techniques. Our continued success in this field is proof of our ability and commitment to our clients.
We take pride in our ability to create value for client portfolios while maintaining our nationally recognized high standards of excellence. Our client service oriented approach enables us to recognize the unique needs of individual assets while pursuing our client's overall goals.  The Main Street Group's portfolio-based organizational structure, management depth, and client-driven asset management services enable us to manage large, diversified portfolios for clients with a variety of investment strategies. 

Our loan portfolios have spanned the entire spectrum of lending, from consumer and residential loans and mortgages, to large and complex commercial credits. Main Street professionals have the aggressive and confident attitudes, combined with unique professional and technical expertise, to timely and cost-effectively liquidate loan portfolios.

We continue to co-invest in the acquisition of troubled assets and distressed or non performing transactions. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for our clients while maintaining uncompromised performance standards and exceptional service.

Property Management.    Whether commercial, industrial, or residential real estate, the Main Street Group has the experience and resources to provide professional, cost-efficient property management services. We are “hands-on” in our approach towards property management and know that an aggressive attitude is required to turn around properties that need special attention. Effective utilization of sophisticated property management techniques result in services that minimize the property owner's risk while maximizing a property's potential and return on investment. We recognize the unique needs of each property and tailor our services appropriately.  

Leasing.        Extensive market studies, analysis of property leasing potential, and knowledge of today's business needs in a changing environment are the tools necessary for an aggressive leasing program. Main Street's full line of leasing services gives each client the ability to obtain the highest return on real estate holdings - whether the property is being marketed for immediate sale or held for long-term investment. Our leasing services provide the highest level of management, technical experience, professionalism, and salesmanship.